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Session 11: Digital Technology and the Developing World

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I.   Blog/Twitter

II.  Perspectives of Democracy in the Developing World

  • Governments
  • Entreprenuers
    • The Story of Alieh Conteh in the DRC Entreprenuers
    • The African Infrastructure Story 
    • ICT4D vs.White African's 'If It Works in Africa It Will Work Anywhere 
    • Digital Institutions
      • A Hypothetical- Four engineering students at the University of Nairobi develop a moble phone based application that automates the distribution of sexual reproductive health information via SMS. How would these entreprenuers be dis-advantaged vis a vis their counterparts in the United States?
  • Philanthrocapitalism and the Marketplace for Aid
    • A Technology for International Development Agenda for Obama
      • Global Giving
    • One Laptop per Child


III. Work on Youthmap Projects