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Session 10: Digital Censorship and Democracy

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I.    Blog and Twitter Overview


II. The State of Censorship

  • Anecdote
    • Youtube Ataturk Videos in Turkey
  • What Countries Filter
    • Social/Moral
    • Political/Power
    • Security concerns
  • Three Graphs
    • Motivations for Filtering
    • Filtering &  Rule of Law
    • Filtering &  Voice and Accountability


III. Normative Arguments for and Against Censorship

  • Pro: States have the right to protect their environment
  • Con: Technical Filtering is Fatally Flawed
  • Con: Human Rights Concerns
  • Con: Violates 'End to End' Principle
  • Con: The Slope of the Freedom Curve


IV. Types of Censorship

  • IP  Blocking
  • DNS  Tampering
  • Proxy-Based
  • Self- Monitoring Requirements
  • Case Study: China
    • Ministry of Public Security's Golden Shield, or Great Firewall of China [proxy, and target DNS blocking]
    • self-censorship- search engines block results, Jing Jing and Cha Cha reminding Internet users they are being watched; ISPs voluntarrily restricting content;


V. Trends

  • more states adopting filtering regimes
  • more targeted in nature and carried out 'just in time'
  • in-stream filtering- ISPs from China, Russia, India providing filtered services to people in other countries
  • citizen journalists practicing self-censorship


VI. Circumvention Tools

  • Computer Security
  • Data Protection
  • Communication
  • Internet Browsing
  • Reporting: Herdict


VI. Debate | Should Congress pass H. R. 4780- The Global Online Freedom Act


  • impose export controls on the sale of any item "to an end user in an internet-restricting country for the purpose, in whole or in part, of facilitating Internet censorship."
  • requirements that  no servers are to be located within the borders of a state deemed to be a "designated Internet-restricting country."
  • require a United States-based corporation to check with the State Department before providing "to any foreign official of an Internet-restricting country information that personally identifies a particular user of such content hosting service.’’


VII. Visit from Sarah Labowitz, Inside Look at Yahoo!'s human rights operations


VIII. Work on Youthmap Projects