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Session 9:  Digital Resistance and Democracy

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I.  Blogs/Twitter




II. Introduction to Digital Resistance


  • Digital Resistance = Digital Activism + Civil Resistance
  • Why digital resistance?
  • Best protection?
  • Data and Personal Security in Digital Resistance


III. Nonviolent Civil Resistance


  • Examples of civil resistance tactics?
    • Skywriting and earth writing
    • Humor, mock awards
    • Art, graffiti (V)
    • Turkey lights
    • Nigeria SMS
    • Collective disappearance
    • Slowdown strike
    • Removal of signs
    • Alternative communication system
  • How does repression work?
  • Is power monolithic?
  • Pillars of support?
  • Objective
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Dilemma actions
  • Time
  • Force More Powerful? 55% vs 28%
  • Towards a "Force More Powerful"



III. Documentary




IV.  YouthMap


  • Work on projects



V.  Next Session


  • Discussion Bringing "Bringing Down a Dictator"
  • Next topic: Digital Censorship and Democracy
  • Bloggers